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MP90 - Water- and Oil-Repellent Protection

Experience superior stain-proofing and protection with MP90, the best stain-proofing product for porcelain tiles, marble, and granite. This advanced formula also provides anti-graffiti treatment for vertical natural stone surfaces, making it an ideal choice for protecting kitchen and bathroom tops. MP90 hampers the absorption of common watery and oily stains, ensuring long-lasting protection for a variety of surfaces.

What's It For:

  • Stain-proofing product for porcelain tiles, marble, and granite.
  • Anti-graffiti treatment for vertical natural stone surfaces.
  • Ideally suited for protecting kitchen and bathroom tops.


  1. Natural Color Preservation: Does not change the natural color of surfaces.
  2. No Surface Film Formation: Does not form a surface film.
  3. Safe for Food Contact: Treated surfaces are safe for food contact.
  4. Impregnates, Protects, and Facilitates Cleaning: Ensures easy cleaning while providing comprehensive protection.
  5. Waterproofs and Protects: Offers water- and oil-repellent protection.

Ideal for:

  • Polished Porcelain Tiles
  • Marble and Granite
  • Stone and Agglomerates

Method of Use:

  • No Dilution Required: Ready to use.


  • Apply MP90 evenly and continuously on a clean and dry surface using a brush, wetting the grout lines as well.
  • Before the product dries completely (after roughly 10–15 minutes), rub the surface and remove any residues using a microfibre cloth wetted with the product.
  • Dry the surface with a clean cloth. To speed up the process, it is possible to treat the surface with a single-disc machine.
  • On highly absorbent materials, apply two coats of the product with an 8-hour interval in between.
  • The surface can be walked on after 12 hours while the water- and oil-repellent protection becomes effective after 24 hours.


  • Use a diluted solution of CLEANER PRO.


  • With One Liter of Product:
    • Marble/Granite: 30 m²
    • Porcelain: 30-40 m²
    • Venetian Terrazzo: 30 m² (Coverage shown is indicative and refers to single coats.)


  • 5-liter cans in boxes of 4
  • 1-liter cans in boxes of 6


  • Before applying to the entire surface, test the product on a small area to check for color changes.
  • Do not apply the product outdoors if rain is in the forecast.
  • Warning: ventilate the premises well during application and while the product is drying.
  • Does not protect against acid aggression.

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