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Experience superior protection against water and damp with our Water-Repellent Protection, an advanced solution designed to safeguard outdoor floors, walls, and coverings. Ideal for concrete and grout joints, this product provides a breathable, lasting, and renewable protection that does not alter the natural look of materials. It offers high penetration depth, coverage, and prevention against moss, mold formation, and efflorescence.

What's It For:

  • Protects outdoor floors from water and damp.
  • Makes walls and coverings water-repellent.
  • Ideal for concrete.
  • Protects grout joints.
  • Protects against deterioration due to weather conditions.


  1. Breathable Protection: Provides a breathable, lasting, and renewable protective layer.
  2. Natural Look Preservation: Does not affect the material's natural look.
  3. Age and Environment-Resistant: Does not yellow with aging or environmental conditions.
  4. High Penetration Depth: Ensures deep protection for enhanced effectiveness.
  5. High Coverage: Offers high coverage for cost-effective application.
  6. Prevents Moss and Mold Formation: Guards against the formation of moss and mold.
  7. Protects Against Efflorescence: Shields against the formation of efflorescence.
  8. A+ Classified Product: In accordance with the French VOC regulation, meeting high standards of indoor air quality.

Ideal for:

  • Unpolished Marble and Granite
  • Unpolished Stone and Agglomerates
  • Concrete
  • Manufactured Stone

Method of Use:

  • No Dilution Required: Ready to use.
  • Application:
    • Apply HYDROREP on a clean and dry surface using a brush or other application method in a regular manner, with two coats with an 8-hour interval in between.
    • For poorly absorbent stone surfaces (e.g., slate), a single coat is sufficient.
    • For oil-repellent protection, apply the FOB XTREME stain-proof sealer instead of the second coat of HYDROREP.
    • The surface can be walked on after just 8 hours. The water-repellent effect starts after 24 hours.
    • For professional use only: spray the product (airless system) on vertical surfaces until saturated, using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as specified in the safety data sheet.


  • With one litre of product:
    • Natural Stone: 10/20 m²
    • Concrete: 5 m² (Coverage shown is indicative and refers to single coats.)


  • 5-litre cans in boxes of 4
  • 1-litre cans in boxes of 12


  • Conduct a patch test on a small surface area of natural stone to check for any changes in color.
  • Do not apply the product outdoors if rain is in the forecast.
  • Does not protect against acid aggression.

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