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STOP DIRT - Dirt Repellent

What's It For:

  • Makes cleaning quick and easy and surfaces hygienic.
  • Improves the material’s resistance to dirt.
  • Maintains the original appearance of the material over time.


  1. Prolonged Protection Over Time: Provides prolonged protection over time.
  2. For Interior and Exterior Use: Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.
  3. High Coverage: High coverage with a moderate quantity of product.
  4. Does Not Alter Slip Resistance: Does not alter the material’s slip resistance (Tests conducted in conformity with B.C.R.A. and ASTMC 1028-2007 methods).
  5. Does Not Form Surface Film: The product does not form a surface film.
  6. UV Resistant and Non-Yellowing: UV resistant and non-yellowing over time.
  7. A+ Classified Product: Classified A+ according to the French VOC regulation.

Ideal for:

  • Textured Porcelain Tiles
  • Unpolished Porcelain Tiles
  • Lappato Porcelain Tiles

Method of Use:

  • No Dilution Required: The product is ready to use.

Application Instructions:

Application for New Surfaces:

  1. Wash the floor thoroughly using DETERDEK PRO (for cement-based grouts) or CR10 (for epoxy grout).
  2. Apply STOP DIRT to a clean and dry floor, also treating the grout, covering evenly with a fleece or other suitable applicator.
    • Advice from the Expert: Given the product’s high coverage, apply a moderate quantity of product to treat 2-3 m2 of surface area at a time.
  3. Rub the surface with a cloth or single-disc machine with a white disc.
  4. Fully remove all product residues within 10 minutes, either manually using a microfiber cloth or with a single-disc machine.
  5. After at least 12 hours, before treading on the treated surface, remove any product residues using a clean microfiber cloth.

Application on Untreated Surface to be Restored:

  1. Wash the floor using PS87 PRO and/or DETERDEK PRO.
  2. Apply STOP DIRT on the dry surface in the manner described above.


  • The product may enhance the color of the material or grouting; carry out a spot test on a small surface area beforehand.
  • Aerate rooms during use.
  • Do not apply to matt-finish Lappato porcelain tiles.


  • With One Liter of Product:
    • Textured, Natural, and Lappato Porcelain Tiles: Up to 70 m² (Coverage is indicative of one coat and may vary according to the material.)
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