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Eco-Compatible Pre-Laying Treatment Against Efflorescence

What's It For:

  • Efflorescence-blocking sealant for application before laying on the back of tiles and absorbent paving slabs.
  • Stops contaminants rising from the substrate to the material surface (salts, tannin, oxides, etc.).
  • Prevents the formation of streaks and/or stains.
  • Specifically designed for natural stones, granite, marble, agglomerates, terracotta, and absorbent materials.
  • Has water-repellent and consolidating properties.


  1. Contaminant Blocking: Prevents stains and streaks on the surface.
  2. Breathable: Does not form a surface film, allows treated materials to breathe.
  3. Adhesion Properties: Does not essentially alter the adhesion properties of the glue.
  4. Water-Based Product.
  5. Ultimate Protection.
  6. Prevents Blackening: When applied after laying on natural stone, concrete, and other absorbent materials, it prevents blackening caused by smog, pollution, carbonation, sulphation processes, and biodeterioration.
  7. VOC-Free Product: Low environmental impact with an Indoor Air Comfort Gold Certificate.

Ideal For:

  • Back of Natural Stone Surfaces
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Agglomerates
  • Terracotta and Absorbent Materials

Method of Use:

  • No dilution required: Ready to use.
  • Pre-Laying Treatment: Protection on 5 Sides:
    • Clean the back of the tile or slab, ensuring it's dry and free from damp.
    • Apply the product evenly on the back and edges using a flat paintbrush or airless sprayer.
    • Bond the material when completely dry after approximately 12 to 24 hours.
  • Protection on 6 Sides:
    • Clean both sides of the tile or slab, ensure it's dry.
    • Apply one coat of PW10 using an airless spray pump or paintbrush, spreading it evenly on all sides.
    • Bond the material when completely dry after approximately 12 to 24 hours.
  • Laying Application - Surface Protection:
    • Ensure the surface is dry and clean, apply the product by impregnating the material until saturated using a brush or airless sprayer.
    • Dab any excess product before it dries. The surface will dry after 6 hours.


  • Approximate Coverage (1 litre): 10-15 m²
    • Coverage rates are indicative.


  • 5-litre cans in boxes of 4


  • In the case of glossy surfaces, pay special attention to the application method to avoid percolating the product on the front and staining the surface.
  • Do not apply the product on the front of polished surfaces.
  • Verify with the manufacturer the suitable binder for the material’s intended use.
  • When used on a material with resin and/or mesh on the back, PW10 must be applied only on the edges and the top side.
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