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EXTREME ECO-COMPATIBLE Water- and Oil-Repellent Protection

What's It For:

  • Water- and oil-repellent with a natural finish.
  • Best environmentally-friendly stain protection for porcelain tiles, natural stone, marble, and granite with polished, brushed, and matt smoothed finishes.
  • Reduces absorption without affecting the material’s natural look.
  • Ideal for grouting joints, ceramic and crackle effect surfaces, grit, resin-marble, stone slabs, colored cement tiles, and manufactured stones.
  • Provides anti-graffiti protection.


  1. Low VOC and Environmental Impact: Extremely low VOC and low environmental impact; Indoor Air Comfort Gold Certificate.
  2. Free of Hydrocarbon Solvents: Eco-friendly treatment.
  3. Water-Based: Withstands residual humidity conditions, can be applied 24–48 hours after the initial wash.
  4. Single-Coat Application: Apply the product and rub it gently over the surface until completely absorbed.
  5. No Surface Film, No Yellowing: Does not form a surface film and does not yellow.
  6. Ideal for Tables, Kitchen, and Bathroom Tops: Suitable for protecting tables, kitchen, and bathroom tops.
  7. Quick Drying: The surface can be walked on after just 2 hours (Application conditions: Temperature = 20°C, Humidity ≤ 60%).

Ideal For:

  • Polished Porcelain Tiles
  • Marble and Granite
  • Natural Stone and Agglomerates
  • Concrete

Method of Use:

  • No Dilution Required: Ready to use.


  1. Shake before use.
  2. For Matt Finish Materials (Natural Stone, Terracotta, Agglomerates, Cement Tiles):
    • Apply MP90 ECO XTREME evenly and continuously on a clean and dry surface using a brush or fleece pad.
    • Dab any excess product with a clean cloth before it dries.
    • On highly absorbent materials, apply two coats with a 20-minute interval.
  3. For Glossy Finish Materials (Polished Porcelain Tiles, Natural Stone, Agglomerates):
    • Apply MP90 ECO XTREME on a clean and dry surface, wetting the material and grout lines completely.
    • Before the product dries (10-15 minutes), rub it using a microfiber cloth wetted with the product.
    • Dry the surface with a clean cloth. To speed up the process, a single-disc machine can be used.
  4. Finishing (Optional):
    • On porous materials, a finishing wax can be applied depending on the material and desired effect after 4 hours.
  5. The surface can be walked on after 2 hours; water- and oil-repellent protection takes effect after 24 hours.
  6. Maintenance: Use a diluted solution of CLEANER PRO.


  • With One Liter of Product:
    • Polished Porcelain Tiles: 30-50 m²
    • Polished Marble/Granite: 20-30 m²
    • Matte Polished Stone: 10-20 m² (Coverage shown is indicative and refers to single coats.)


  • 5-litre cans in boxes of 4
  • 1-litre cans in boxes of 6

Note: Before applying to the entire surface, test the product on a small area to check for color changes. Do not apply the product outdoors if rain is in the forecast. Does not protect against acid aggression.

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