Flooring tools for professional and DIY'ers

When fitting a new floor, there are some tools that are essential to get the best finish. Floor fitting can be undertaken by a professional or a DIY-er depending on the type of project and its requirements: regardless of your situation, you need to be confident that the flooring tools you're using are suitable for you. Let's take a look at which tools are suitable for floor-fitting professionals and which are better suited to home users.

Best for pros:

Large spiked rollers Spiked rollers are available in a range of sizes and lengths to meet the requirements of any sized floor, used to roll out air bubbles, level and move cementitious floor coatings, epoxies and self-levellers. Professionals are always better suited to large rollers, such as the 500mm Spiked Roller, as they're designed for larger-scale jobs rather than home floor resurfacing. Professionals may also choose to use a pole adapter or extension pole so that the job can be done faster.

Spiked shoes When you're a pro working with spiked rollers, it is also a good idea to use spiked shoes. They should be worn when applying level compounds, keeping your feet and shoes safe from the flooring. Spiked shoes allow the user to walk into the screed application without damaging it.

Float trowel A float trowel has a wooden handle with hardened stainless steel. It is used to finish a concrete surface by making it smooth after the surface has been levelled with a screed.

Best for home users:

Tiling trowels and spreaders These tools are used for scooping, levelling, spreading, combing and finishing adhesives and mortars during floor installations, making them easy for home DIY-ers to use and handle. Available in a range of sizes, they consist of a thin metal rectangle with a handle attached to one side. The trowels and spreaders can be used to spread a thin set of the adhesive or mortars with the notches which creates stripes so that the tiles can be gripped in place.

Sponge float A sponge float has a plastic handle and is used for tile cleaning, decorative paint and plaster smoothing. They are comfortably used by DIY-ers to help to remove trowel marks and air pockets. They are also used to sponge grout surfaces when tiling.

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